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letter friends

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Find your penpals :3
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The world is full of interesting people. This is a community about penpalling, letters, snailmail and postcardpals.
Post your ad to find friends from all over the world.
It doesn't matter whether you want to write short letters, long letters, postcards, exchange journals, items or gifts. You can also find an e-mail friend. Have fun writing :)
If you join letterfriends, please tell about yourself, your interests, your writing preferences and what kind of penfriendship you are looking for :3

This community will host a lot of round robins, swaps or travelling notebooks, so watch us to keep yourself postet. Have a look at the sidebar to get news on that :)
Well the usual: no insults or agressive behavior, no ads with erotic content, if you participate in community-hosted things like a RR, it's really unfair just not to send anything so don't do it.
No sexist or racist comments of any sort.
If you break those rules you will eventually be kicked out.
promoting your own communities is ok if you link letterfriends in your community's profile :)
If you have any questions you can find me at my journal regenvogel or in my icq or msn, both in my profile. Feel free to add me there, new friends are always welcome